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At Smart Catering Málaga we provide high quality services with original dishes, filled with flavors and a  little touch of love. Smart Catering Málaga has a team of experts dedicated to pay the maximum attention to the quality of all their ingredients and their services. Smart Catering Malaga knows how to put the final icing on the top of cake to both, their presentations and their services.

Smart Catering Málaga knows how important it is to favor the local economies by purchasing handmade and eco products. Smart Catering Málaga is also aware of the impact on the environment and seeks to use biodegradable products from 100% sustainable sources.

Gourmet Experience


Gourmet Experience

At Smart Catering Malaga we offer unique experiences with a repertoire of high cuisine recipes and cutting-edge cooking techniques that exist this days in our culinary world. With a vast variety of top quality ingredients from all around the world, we love creating innovative and satisfying gastronomy to all our guests, so they are left with a great taste on their mouth.

Smart Catering Team


Unique experiences

Smart Catering Malaga has the option to choose your own services from the following list:

  • Special locations.
  • Rental of furniture, glassware, linens and cutlery.
  • Set ups and transports.
  • Decorators, planning and event coordinators.
  • Waiting service.
  • Bar & Cocktail.
  • Menu design and developments.
  • Demonstrations “Cooking Shows
  • Paellas, BBQ, cortadores de Jamón and sushi stations.
  • Entertainment and live music.
  • Photography and Filmography.

Or we can simply deliver all our delicious items to where your event is at.

Why Smart Catering Malaga? Because Smart Catering Málaga care about the quality, the originality and the special attention to detail. That's why 99% of the things that are made in their menu is prepared by hand and by long-trained chefs.

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I am so happy I came across Smart Catering Malaga when I was searching for a reliable and delicious catering company for my upcoming roadshow tour with Google.  Besides the food being absolutely on the mark – the service and pre planning is what really impressed me. 100% recommend Smart Catering Malaga if you are looking for any style of event – they really listen to you and work with you to provide the best service.  Next time I run another event in Spain I will be reaching out to them again!

Excellent service! We requested a catering for an event of 50 people and everything went great. Smart Catering Malaga adapted to all our needs and surprised us with some very creative dishes.”

“We had an event with them at Pandora Malaga and the service was splendid! The order was as we agreed and of very good quality. The tables were decorated divine, and everyone loved it.

Smart Catering Málaga

"We love placing the quality on top of the table"