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We are a team of professionals within the hospitality sector focused on creating innovative ideas and with an extended international curriculum behind our backs, which makes Smart Catering Málaga the perfect choice to guarantee the success of your gastronomic event. 

Within this mechanism, we find the main gear:  Harri Archanco, a culinary artist who knows perfectly the ins and outs of the most selected and awarded kitchens in the world. Harri has worked side by side with kitchen giants and the likes of: Yotam OttolenguiMarx Hix, Masaki Suguisaki or the Galvin brothers. His dishes have decorated the tables of the Hilton Park Lane hotel in central London, as well as the Kempinski Stafford and establishments awarded with Michelin stars. Its beginings were not easy as he was train at restaurants with some of the best awards in Japanese cuisine. Before he set up Smart Catering Málaga he was the executive chef for a corporate catering company in central London that served clientes such as Apple UK, Sony or Playstation.

On the second place we find the female gear in the figure of Kika Moreno, a graduate in Business Sciences, who is in charge of organizing our corporate events. Kika has extensive experience, national and international, especialising in exclusive corporate events. She has worked at large capitals such as Madrid and London, in both, leading events for the Financial Times and IE Business School.

And last but not least, the foundations that sustain this fantastic team of Smart Catering Málaga, a large number of collaborators such as wedding planners, photgraphers and hospitality workers whose experience, professionalism and attention to detail will create that perfect success that we are willing to share with you.

Say hola, we like it.

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